Member Security Incident Notifications (MSINs)

Member Security Incident Notifications (MSINs) provide an improved method to proactively inform members about security incidents affecting members’ data, systems or networks and are a daily customised composite security report containing incident notifications relevant to AusCERT member organisations’ domains and IP ranges.

  • MSINs are tailored for each member organization, based on your organisation’s IPs and domains provided to us.
  • They are generally only issued to a member if at least one incident specific to the member is detected within the past 24-hour period. 
  • You may receive MSINs about identical incidents on consecutive days.  This indicates that the incident previously reported has not yet been resolved (you will notice it has a more recent timestamp).  If you don't wish to receive repeat notifications, please let us know.
  • If there are no incidents to report, you will not receive an MSIN.
  • MSINs may potentially include multiple incidents collated in one MSIN.   If we encounter a critical incident, we may send the details separately, in which case you may receive more than one MSIN per day.

To receive accurate and useful MSINs, it’s important you keep this information updated. Contact if you would like to update this information.