Phishing Take-Down service

AusCERT's Phishing Take-Down Service can assist by reducing brand damage caused by scams.

AusCERT’s Phishing Take Down service is designed to assist organisations who suffer targeted phishing (or spearphishing & whaling) attacks. If the organisation’s brand is used on a phishing web site, or if spearphishing targets the member, AusCERT can utilise its worldwide contact network to request removal of the fraudulent web site.

AusCERT uses a specially designed tracking and analysis system to monitor phishing web sites and track these to closure. In many cases AusCERT detects phishing emails and can act immediately if members are affected, or the member can submit sample emails or URLs directly to AusCERT’s member contact address or member IRC channel.

For general phishing such as social media, webmail services or other organisations’ brands (not specifically targeting the member), AusCERT encourages members to forward the URLs or emails to our member contact address (or member IRC channel). AusCERT verifies and adds malware and phishing URLs to its member only Malicious URL Feed, which members can use in their proxies for blocking dangerous sites, directly connect to their SEIM and/or search in log files for instances of users visiting these sites.