Early Warning Service

In order to help members identify and respond to the most critical security threats and vulnerabilities in a timely manner, the AusCERT Early Warning Service provides SMS notifications to members.

The current threat environment is such that members must keep up to date with the latest computer network vulnerabilities and threats to keep networks secure. Unfortunately, to do this many organisations have to evaluate multiple security bulletins on a daily basis to determine the level of risk they face with each new threat or vulnerability.

The AusCERT Early Warning Service will help make this task easier by identifying those threats and vulnerabilities which represent an immediate and serious threat (usually when vulnerability details have been publicly released and are being actively exploited).

Using SMS AusCERT will contact members to inform them about serious and time critical computer network threats and/or vulnerabilities, day or night, seven days a week. This service will assist your organisation become aware of critical computer security issues in a more time critical manner.

Each SMS alert will contain a reference to a security bulletin, accessible from the AusCERT web site where detailed information can be obtained, if relevant to the member's network.