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Search Help
Date: 15 May 2002
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This web site supports two types of search:
  • basic search - a query string, period to search and number of results per page
  • advanced search - principally adds category restrictions to the search and allows greater control of the search period.
To perform a simple search enter a few words in the Search field, and optionally select the period of interest (by default the last six months) and the number of resultes per page (by default 20). Note: the words are NOT case sensitive.

This will return all items that contained all words in the search string. You can also use * for partial matches. So if you wanted all items that contained words such as report, reporting, reported, you could search for report*.

For the advanced search you can further restrict the result to items that are any of the selected categories.

For instance, if you wanted to see all Unix security bulletins that mention nfs or nfsd between Jan 2000 and Feb 2002, then:

  • click advanced search
  • select Restrict to Selected Category
  • enter nfs* in the search string
  • check Unix
  • select the date range of interest (from Jan 1999 to Feb 2000)