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AusCERT Week in Review for 27th April 2012
Date: 27 April 2012
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Life is like a warm muffin. It's full of promise, but is an uncertain quantity until you dive in.

An AusCERT conference is a similar experience. For example, while we know that Mikko Hypponen, Paul Vixie and Eugene Kaspersky, to name a few of the infosec luminaries, will be presenting at AusCERT 2012, you won't know how good they are unless you attend! Just two weeks to go!

This week saw WordPress release their latest revision fixing about half a dozen vulnerabilities. Given that compromised WordPress instances have been used to infect Macs with Flashback malware, patching it should be a priority.

Vulnerabilities have also been patched in Asterisk, and OpenSSL has also been receiving some healing attention.

Of significant note are Mozilla's new releases of Firefox 12, Thunderbird 12 and SeaMonkey 2.9 which has attended to 14 security related bugs. With this the 3.6.x branch has passed beyond the veil into the land where life has ended.

Hope you live it up this weekend!