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Security Bulletins

AusCERT Security Bulletins contain information about threats, vulnerabilities, patches and workarounds of an IT security nature that AusCERT believes would be of interest to our members (and the public).

See AusCERT Security Bulletin Formats for further information about standard fields and information included in AusCERT Security Bulletins.

Note 1: Not all Security Bulletins are made public upon initial release. Members may need to login to view some recent Security Bulletins, particularly AusCERT Advisories, Alerts and Updates.

Note 2: Security Bulletins from before mid 2000 may not be fully categorised. However all AusCERT Security Bulletins since the start of AusCERT are available through this site.

Further Categories
By Year: Select this category to browse Security Bulletins by year.

Security Bulletin Types: There are two types of AusCERT security bulletins - AusCERT Security Bulletins and AusCERT External Security Bulletins.

By Operating System/Environment: Select this category to browse Security Bulletins by Operating System/Environment.

Further Information
ESB-2007.0151 -- [Debian] -- New php4 packages fix several vulnerabilities - (08/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0150 -- [Win][Linux][Netware] -- Novell Netmail WebAdmin Buffer Overflow Vulnerability - A remote attacker may compromise the server by sending a long username to the NetMail web admin interface on TCP port 89. (08/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0149 -- [Win] -- Microsoft Windows Explorer fails to properly handle malformed OLE documents - The vulnerability is triggered by accessing a folder containing a specially crafted Office document. The complete impact of this memory corruption vulnerability is not clear, but may potentially include execution of arbitrary code. (08/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0138 -- [Solaris] -- Two Security Vulnerabilities in PostgreSQL May Allow Denial of Service or Information Leakage - (07/03/2007)

AA-2007.0017 -- [Linux] -- Novell Access Manager SSL VPN Server - bypass of client access policies - Due to a design error, an authenticated user's access to hosts on the corporate LAN may not be restricted by the configured policy. (07/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0148 -- [UNIX/Linux] -- Asterisk unspecified remote pre-authentication DoS vulnerability - (07/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0147 -- [HP-UX] -- HP-UX Running Firefox, Remote Unauthorized Access or Elevation of Privileges or Denial of Service - (07/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0146 -- [Debian] -- New clamav packages fix denial of service - (07/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0145 -- [RedHat] -- Important: gnupg security update - (07/03/2007)

ESB-2006.0761 -- [Solaris] -- Security Vulnerabilities in the Apache 1.3 Web Server "mod_rewrite" and "mod_imap" Modules - (06/03/2007)

ESB-2006.0751 -- [Solaris] -- Security Vulnerabilities in the Apache 2.0 Web Server "mod_rewrite", "mod_imap" and "mod_ssl" Modules - (06/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0144 -- [HP-UX] -- HP-UX Running Software Distributor (SD), Remote Denial of Service (DoS) - (06/03/2007)

AL-2007.0032 -- [Win][UNIX/Linux] -- EMC Legato NetWorker Management Console weak authentication vulnerability - Due to weak authentication, a remote attacker can connect directly to the NetWorker backup servers and execute arbitrary commands with root privileges. (06/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0143 -- [Win][UNIX/Linux] -- GnuPG and GnuPG clients unsigned data injection vulnerability - An attacker may prepend or append arbitrary content to an existing signed message. The recipient using a mail client cannot tell that this is not a genuine signed message with signature covering all content. (06/03/2007)

AL-2007.0031 -- [Win][OSX] -- Apple QuickTime and iTunes multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities - QuickTime 7.1.4 and prior contain vulnerabilities in the handling of five different media formats, potentially allowing a remote attacker to compromise the computer when the user visits a malicious web page or opens malicious files. (06/03/2007)

AA-2007.0016 -- [UNIX/Linux][Win] -- Zend Platform 2.x local privilege escalation vulnerabilities - An attacker who controls the unprivileged web server account or a local user account on the web server may gain root privileges. (05/03/2007)

AA-2007.0015 -- [UNIX/Linux][Win] -- WordPress 2.1.1 modified to contain back door code - A compromised account on the WordPress project's web server was used by an attacker to insert trojan code in WordPress 2.1.1 downloads. (05/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0142 -- [Debian] -- New gnomemeeting packages fix arbitrary code execution - (05/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0141 -- [Win][UNIX/Linux][RedHat] -- Thunderbird security update - (05/03/2007)

AL-2007.0030 -- [UNIX/Linux][Win] -- Apache Tomcat - mod_jk remote buffer overflow vulnerability - A stack overflow in the URI handler of the Tomcat JK connector potentially allows remote compromise of the server. (05/03/2007)

AA-2007.0014 -- [Win][UNIX/Linux] -- PHP multiple vulnerabilities - Several vulnerabilities in PHP, some of which are still unpatched, potentially allow remote denial of service and local execution of arbitrary code. (02/03/2007)

AL-2007.0029 -- [Win] -- Citrix Presentation Server Client for Windows vulnerability allows remote compromise - A remote attacker may execute arbitrary code when the user visits a malicious web page. (02/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0140 -- [Win][Linux][Solaris] -- Symantec Mail Security for SMTP arbitrary code execution vulnerability - An attacker may be able to exploit this vulnerability by sending a specially crafted email message through a vulnerable system. (02/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0101 -- [Solaris] -- Security Vulnerability in the in.telnetd(1M) Daemon May Allow Unauthorized Remote Users to Gain Access to a Solaris Host - (02/03/2007)

AA-2007.0013 -- [AIX] -- swcons buffer overflow allows local privilege escalation - (01/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0137 -- [Cisco] -- Cisco Catalyst 6000, 6500 and Cisco 7600 Series MPLS Packet Vulnerability - (01/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0064 -- [Linux][Solaris] -- Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability in Sun Java System Access Manager - (01/03/2007)

ESB-2007.0139 -- [Solaris] -- Sun Solaris Telnet Worm - A worm is exploiting the Solaris 10 telnet vulnerability previously reported in AA-2007.0006, installing a backdoor on vulnerable systems. (28/02/2007)

ESB-2007.0136 -- [Cisco] -- Cisco Catalyst 6000, 6500 Series and Cisco 7600 Series NAM (Network Analysis Module) Vulnerability - By spoofing the SNMP communication between the Catalyst system and the NAM an attacker may obtain complete control of the Catalyst system. (28/02/2007)

AA-2007.0012 -- [OSX] -- McAfee Virex 7.7 scan evasion and privilege escalation vulnerabilities - Weak file permissions potentially allow scanning to be disabled and provide privilege escalation from an admin group user account to root. (28/02/2007)

ESB-2007.0135 -- [Win] -- Computer Associates eTrust Intrusion Detection Denial of Service Vulnerability - (28/02/2007)

ESB-2007.0134 -- [Linux][RedHat] -- Important: kernel security update - (28/02/2007)

AA-2006.0033 -- [Win] -- JIWA Financials reporting allows execution of arbitrary SQL commands - A vulnerability in Jiwa Financials 6.4.14 and prior allows an existing user to execute arbitrary SQL commands. (27/02/2007)

ESB-2007.0133 -- [Appliance] -- HP Storage Management Appliance, Microsoft Patch Applicability MS07-005 Through MS07-016 - (27/02/2007)

AA-2007.0011 -- [Win][UNIX/Linux] -- IBM DB2 8.x and 9.x multiple vulnerabilities - IBM DB2 versions 8.x and 9.x are affected by several vulnerabilities allowing unauthorised modification of data by an existing database account and local root compromise. (26/02/2007)

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