//Events - 15 May 2018

Brisbane Training: Information Security Forensic Preparedness

Information Security Forensic Preparedness

Brisbane, 15 May 2018

This one-day interactive workshop will use exercises and examples to demonstrate the value of integrating forensics into incident response operational planning.

Training snapshot:

  • Understanding the appetite of an organisation for forensics
  • Fighting the good fight
    • The value of infrastructure segmentation
    • The delineation of roles
    • Least privilege as a mechanism for minimizing the impact of investigations
    • Bad Actors – maliciousness and bad habits
  • Tools and their use
  • Data sources & data acquisition
  • Incident Response integration

 Presented by Ashley Stevens-Hoare, AusCERT Consultant.


288 Edward Street, Brisbane

Registration fees

Members $550

Non-members $1100