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             AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

                   Security update for the Linux Kernel
                              21 August 2018


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:           kernel
Publisher:         SUSE
Operating System:  SUSE
Impact/Access:     Execute Arbitrary Code/Commands -- Existing Account      
                   Access Privileged Data          -- Existing Account      
                   Denial of Service               -- Remote/Unauthenticated
Resolution:        Patch/Upgrade
CVE Names:         CVE-2018-10883 CVE-2018-10882 CVE-2018-10881
                   CVE-2018-10880 CVE-2018-10879 CVE-2018-10878
                   CVE-2018-10877 CVE-2018-10876 CVE-2018-10853
                   CVE-2018-5391 CVE-2018-3646 CVE-2018-3620

Reference:         ESB-2018.2401

Original Bulletin: 

- --------------------------BEGIN INCLUDED TEXT--------------------

   SUSE Security Update: Security update for the Linux Kernel

Announcement ID:    SUSE-SU-2018:2450-1
Rating:             important
References:         #1051510 #1051979 #1065600 #1066110 #1077761 
                    #1081917 #1083647 #1086274 #1086288 #1086314 
                    #1086315 #1086317 #1086327 #1086331 #1086906 
                    #1087081 #1087092 #1089343 #1090888 #1097104 
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                    #1099845 #1099846 #1099849 #1099858 #1099863 
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                    #1101839 #1101841 #1101843 #1101844 #1101845 
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                    #1101896 #1101900 #1101902 #1101903 #1102633 
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                    #1104211 #1104319 #1104353 #1104365 #1104427 
                    #1104494 #1104495 #1104708 #1104777 #1104897 
Cross-References:   CVE-2018-10853 CVE-2018-10876 CVE-2018-10877
                    CVE-2018-10878 CVE-2018-10879 CVE-2018-10880
                    CVE-2018-10881 CVE-2018-10882 CVE-2018-10883
                    CVE-2018-3620 CVE-2018-3646 CVE-2018-5391
Affected Products:
                    SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 15

   An update that solves 12 vulnerabilities and has 88 fixes
   is now available.


   The SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 azure kernel was updated to receive various
   security and bugfixes.

   The following security bugs were fixed:

   - CVE-2018-5391: A remote attacker even with relatively low bandwidth
     could have caused lots of CPU usage by triggering the worst case
     scenario during fragment reassembly (bsc#1103097)
   - CVE-2018-3620, CVE-2018-3646: Local attackers in virtualized guest
     systems could use speculative code patterns on hyperthreaded processors
     to read data present in the L1 Datacache used by other hyperthreads on
     the same CPU core, potentially leaking sensitive data, even from other
     virtual machines or the host system. (bnc#1089343, bsc#1087081).
   - CVE-2018-10882: A local user could have caused an out-of-bound write,
     leading to denial of service and a system crash by unmounting a crafted
     ext4 filesystem image (bsc#1099849).
   - CVE-2018-10880: Prevent a stack-out-of-bounds write in the ext4
     filesystem code when mounting and writing crafted ext4 images. An
     attacker could have used this to cause a system crash and a denial of
     service (bsc#1099845).
   - CVE-2018-10881: A local user could have caused an out-of-bound access
     and a system crash by mounting and operating on a crafted ext4
     filesystem image (bsc#1099864).
   - CVE-2018-10877: Prevent an out-of-bound access in the
     ext4_ext_drop_refs() function when operating on a crafted ext4
     filesystem image (bsc#1099846).
   - CVE-2018-10876: Prevent use-after-free in ext4_ext_remove_space()
     function when mounting and operating a crafted ext4 image (bsc#1099811).
   - CVE-2018-10878: A local user could have caused an out-of-bounds write
     and a denial of service by mounting and operating a crafted ext4
     filesystem image (bsc#1099813).
   - CVE-2018-10883: A local user could have caused an out-of-bounds write in
     jbd2_journal_dirty_metadata(), a denial of service, and a system crash
     by mounting and operating on a crafted ext4 filesystem image
   - CVE-2018-10879: A local user could have caused a use-after-free in
     ext4_xattr_set_entry function and a denial of service or unspecified
     other impact may occur by renaming a file in a crafted ext4 filesystem
     image (bsc#1099844).
   - CVE-2018-10853: A flaw was found in Linux Kernel KVM. In which certain
     instructions such as sgdt/sidt call segmented_write_std doesn't
     propagate access correctly. As such, during userspace induced exception,
     the guest can incorrectly assume that the exception happened in the
     kernel and panic.  (bnc#1097104).

   The following non-security bugs were fixed:

   - apci / lpss: Only call pwm_add_table() for Bay Trail PWM if PMIC HRV is
     2 (bsc#1051510).
   - acpi / pci: Bail early in acpi_pci_add_bus() if there is no ACPI handle
   - af_key: Always verify length of provided sadb_key (bsc#1051510).
   - af_key: fix buffer overread in parse_exthdrs() (bsc#1051510).
   - af_key: fix buffer overread in verify_address_len() (bsc#1051510).
   - afs: Fix directory permissions check (bsc#1101828).
   - agp: uninorth: make two functions static (bsc#1051510).
   - alsa: emu10k1: add error handling for snd_ctl_add (bsc#1051510).
   - alsa: emu10k1: Rate-limit error messages about page errors (bsc#1051510).
   - alsa: fm801: add error handling for snd_ctl_add (bsc#1051510).
   - alsa: snd-aoa: add of_node_put() in error path (bsc#1051510).
   - alsa: usb-audio: Apply rate limit to warning messages in URB complete
     callback (bsc#1051510).
   - arm64: Correct type for PUD macros (bsc#1103723).
   - arm64: Disable unhandled signal log messages by default (bsc#1103724).
   - arm64: KVM: fix VTTBR_BADDR_MASK BUG_ON off-by-one (bsc#1103725).
   - arm64: mm: Fix set_memory_valid() declaration (bsc#1103726).
   - arm64: perf: correct PMUVer probing (bsc#1103727).
   - arm64: ptrace: Avoid setting compat FPR to garbage if get_user fails
   - arm64: spinlock: Fix theoretical trylock() A-B-A with LSE atomics
   - arm64: vdso: fix clock_getres for 4GiB-aligned res (bsc#1103730).
   - arm: 8715/1: add a private asm/unaligned.h (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8720/1: ensure dump_instr() checks addr_limit (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8721/1: mm: dump: check hardware RO bit for LPAE (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8722/1: mm: make STRICT_KERNEL_RWX effective for LPAE (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8731/1: Fix csum_partial_copy_from_user() stack mismatch
   - arm: 8743/1: bL_switcher: add MODULE_LICENSE tag (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8746/1: vfp: Go back to clearing vfp_current_hw_state[]
   - arm: 8748/1: mm: Define vdso_start, vdso_end as array (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8753/1: decompressor: add a missing parameter to the addruart macro
   - arm: 8758/1: decompressor: restore r1 and r2 just before jumping to the
     kernel (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8764/1: kgdb: fix NUMREGBYTES so that gdb_regs[] is the correct
     size (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8769/1: kprobes: Fix to use get_kprobe_ctlblk after irq-disabed
   - arm: 8770/1: kprobes: Prohibit probing on optimized_callback
   - arm: 8771/1: kprobes: Prohibit kprobes on do_undefinstr (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: 8772/1: kprobes: Prohibit kprobes on get_user functions
   - arm: AM33xx: PRM: Remove am33xx_pwrdm_read_prev_pwrst function
   - arm: amba: Fix race condition with driver_override (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: amba: Fix wrong indentation in driver_override_store()
   - arm: amba: Make driver_override output consistent with other buses
   - arm: at91: do not select CONFIG_ARM_CPU_SUSPEND for old platforms
   - arm: avoid faulting on qemu (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: BUG if jumping to usermode address in kernel mode (bsc#1051510).
   - arm-ccn: perf: Prevent module unload while PMU is in use (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: Add dma_mask to dm365's eDMA device (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: board-da830-evm: fix GPIO lookup for MMC/SD (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: board-da850-evm: fix GPIO lookup for MMC/SD (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: board-da850-evm: fix WP pin polarity for MMC/SD
   - arm: davinci: board-dm355-evm: fix broken networking (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: board-dm646x-evm: pass correct I2C adapter id for VPIF
   - arm: davinci: board-dm646x-evm: set VPIF capture card name (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: board-omapl138-hawk: fix GPIO numbers for MMC/SD lookup
   - arm: davinci: dm646x: fix timer interrupt generation (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: fix mmc entries in dm365's dma_slave_map (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: fix the GPIO lookup for omapl138-hawk (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: davinci: Use platform_device_register_full() to create pdev for
     dm365's eDMA (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: DRA722: remove redundant definition of 1.0 device (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: fix return value of parse_cpu_capacity (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: kexec: fix failure to boot crash kernel (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: kexec: fix kdump register saving on panic() (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: keystone: fix platform_domain_notifier array overrun (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: kvm: fix building with gcc-8 (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: multi_v7_defconfig: Replace DRM_RCAR_HDMI by generic bridge options
   - arm: multi_v7_defconfig: Replace SND_SOC_RSRC_CARD by
     SND_SIMPLE_SCU_CARD (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: mvebu: Fix broken PL310_ERRATA_753970 selects (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP1: clock: Fix debugfs_create_*() usage (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP2+: Fix SRAM virt to phys translation for
     save_secure_ram_context (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: omap2: hide omap3_save_secure_ram on non-OMAP3 builds (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP2+: omap_device: drop broken RPM status update from
     suspend_noirq (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP2+: powerdomain: use raw_smp_processor_id() for trace
   - arm: OMAP2+: timer: fix a kmemleak caused in omap_get_timer_dt
   - arm: OMAP3: Fix prm wake interrupt for resume (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP3: hwmod_data: add missing module_offs for MMC3 (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP3+: PRM: fix of_irq_get() result check (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP4+: PRM: fix of_irq_get() result checks (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP: Fix dmtimer init for omap1 (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: OMAP: Fix SRAM W+X mapping (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: orion5x: Revert commit 4904dbda41c8 (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: orion: fix orion_ge00_switch_board_info initialization
   - arm: pxa: select both FB and FB_W100 for eseries (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: pxa/tosa-bt: add MODULE_LICENSE tag (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: remove wrong CONFIG_PROC_SYSCTL ifdef (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: s3c24xx: Fix NAND ECC mode for mini2440 board (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: shmobile: defconfig: Enable missing PCIE_RCAR dependency
   - arm: shmobile: defconfig: Replace DRM_RCAR_HDMI by generic bridge
     options (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: shmobile: defconfig: Replace SND_SOC_RSRC_CARD by
     SND_SIMPLE_SCU_CARD (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: shmobile: defconfig: Replace USB_XHCI_RCAR by USB_XHCI_PLATFORM
   - arm: shmobile: rcar-gen2: Fix deadlock in regulator quirk (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: socfpga_defconfig: Remove QSPI Sector 4K size force (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: spear13xx: Fix dmas cells (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: sunxi_defconfig: Enable CMA (bsc#1051510).
   - arm: sunxi: fix the core number of V3s in sunxi README (bsc#1051510).
   - asoc: dpcm: do not merge format from invalid codec dai (bsc#1051510).
   - ASoC: dpcm: fix BE dai not hw_free and shutdown (bsc#1051510).
   - asoc: es7134: remove 64kHz rate from the supported rates (bsc#1051510).
   - asoc: rsnd: cmd: Add missing newline to debug message (bsc#1051510).
   - asoc: sirf: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference (bsc#1051510).
   - asoc: topology: Add missing clock gating parameter when parsing
     hw_configs (bsc#1051510).
   - asoc: topology: Fix bclk and fsync inversion in set_link_hw_format()
   - asoc: zte: Fix incorrect PCM format bit usages (bsc#1051510).
   - ata: do not schedule hot plug if it is a sas host ().
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for APL13_WORLD (bsc#1051510).
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for APL2_FCCA (bsc#1051510).
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for Bahamas (bsc#1051510).
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for Bermuda (bsc#1051510).
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for ETSI8_WORLD (bsc#1051510).
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for FCC3_ETSIC (bsc#1051510).
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for Serbia (bsc#1051510).
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for Tanzania (bsc#1051510).
   - ath: Add regulatory mapping for Uganda (bsc#1051510).
   - audit: fix potential null dereference 'context->module.name'
   - backlight: pwm_bl: Do not use GPIOF_* with gpiod_get_direction
   - bdi: Move cgroup bdi_writeback to a dedicated low concurrency workqueue
   - be2net: gather debug info and reset adapter (only for Lancer) on a
     tx-timeout (bsc#1086288).
   - be2net: Update the driver version to (bsc#1086288 ).
   - befs_lookup(): use d_splice_alias() (bsc#1101844).
   - block: Fix transfer when chunk sectors exceeds max (bsc#1101874).
   - Bluetooth: btusb: Add a new Realtek 8723DE ID 2ff8:b011 (bsc#1051510).
   - Bluetooth: btusb: add ID for LiteOn 04ca:301a (bsc#1051510).
   - Bluetooth: hci_qca: Fix "Sleep inside atomic section" warning
   - bpf, ppc64: fix unexpected r0=0 exit path inside bpf_xadd (bsc#1083647).
   - branch-check: fix long->int truncation when profiling branches
   - brcmfmac: Add support for bcm43364 wireless chipset (bsc#1051510).
   - cachefiles: Fix missing clear of the CACHEFILES_OBJECT_ACTIVE flag
   - cachefiles: Fix refcounting bug in backing-file read monitoring
   - cachefiles: Wait rather than BUG'ing on "Unexpected object collision"
   - can: dev: increase bus-off message severity (bsc#1051510).
   - can: ems_usb: Fix memory leak on ems_usb_disconnect() (bsc#1051510).
   - can: m_can: change comparison to bitshift when dealing with a mask
   - cdrom: do not call check_disk_change() inside cdrom_open() (bsc#1101872).
   - clk: at91: fix clk-generated compilation (bsc#1051510).
   - clk: renesas: cpg-mssr: Stop using printk format %pCr (bsc#1051510).
   - coccinelle: fix parallel build with CHECK=scripts/coccicheck
   - compiler.h: enable builtin overflow checkers and add fallback code
   - cpufreq: intel_pstate: Limit the scope of HWP dynamic boost platforms
   - cpu/hotplug: Make bringup/teardown of smp threads symmetric
   - cpu/hotplug: Provide knobs to control SMT (bsc#1089343).
   - cpu/hotplug: Split do_cpu_down() (bsc#1089343).
   - crypto: authenc - do not leak pointers to authenc keys (bsc#1051510).
   - crypto: authencesn - do not leak pointers to authenc keys (bsc#1051510).
   - crypto: padlock-aes - Fix Nano workaround data corruption (bsc#1051510).
   - delayacct: fix crash in delayacct_blkio_end() after delayacct init
     failure (bsc#1104066).
   - Delete
     h (bsc#1103917).
   - dm: add writecache target (bsc#1101116,).
   - dm: prevent DAX mounts if not supported (bsc#1103917).
   - dm writecache: support optional offset for start of device
   - dm writecache: use 2-factor allocator arguments (bsc#1101116,).
   - doc: Add vendor prefix for Kieback and  Peter GmbH (bsc#1051510).
   - docs: zh_CN: fix location of oops-tracing.txt (bsc#1051510).
   - drivers: soc: sunxi: fix error processing on base address when claiming
   - drm: Add DP PSR2 sink enable bit (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/amdgpu: Remove VRAM from shared bo domains (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/atomic: Check old_plane_state->crtc in
     drm_atomic_helper_async_check() (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/atomic: Handling the case when setting old crtc for plane
   - drm/atomic-helper: Drop plane->fb references only for
     drm_atomic_helper_shutdown() (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/atomic: Initialize variables in drm_atomic_helper_async_check() to
     make gcc happy (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/atomic: Make async plane update checks work as intended, v2
   - drm/atomic: Make atomic helper track newly assigned planes correctly, v2
   - drm/atomic: Make atomic iterators less surprising (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/cirrus: Use drm_framebuffer_put to avoid kernel oops in clean-up
   - drm/dp/mst: Fix off-by-one typo when dump payload table (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/gma500: fix psb_intel_lvds_mode_valid()'s return type (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/nouveau/fifo/gk104-: poll for runlist update completion
   - drm/radeon: fix mode_valid's return type (bsc#1051510).
   - drm: re-enable error handling (bsc#1051510).
   - drm/vc4: Reset ->{x, y}_scaling[1] when dealing with uniplanar formats
   - edac: Add missing MEM_LRDDR4 entry in edac_mem_types[] (bsc#1103886).
   - edac, altera: Fix ARM64 build warning (bsc#1051510).
   - edac: Drop duplicated array of strings for memory type names
   - edac, mv64x60: Fix an error handling path (bsc#1051510).
   - edac, octeon: Fix an uninitialized variable warning (bsc#1051510).
   - edac, sb_edac: Fix missing break in switch (bsc#1051510).
   - ext2: fix a block leak (bsc#1101875).
   - ext4: add more mount time checks of the superblock (bsc#1101900).
   - ext4: bubble errors from ext4_find_inline_data_nolock() up to
     ext4_iget() (bsc#1101896).
   - ext4: check for allocation block validity with block group locked
   - ext4: check superblock mapped prior to committing (bsc#1101902).
   - ext4: do not update s_last_mounted of a frozen fs (bsc#1101841).
   - ext4: factor out helper ext4_sample_last_mounted() (bsc#1101841).
   - ext4: fix check to prevent initializing reserved inodes (bsc#1104319).
   - ext4: fix false negatives *and* false positives in
     ext4_check_descriptors() (bsc#1103445).
   - ext4: fix fencepost error in check for inode count overflow during
     resize (bsc#1101853).
   - ext4: fix inline data updates with checksums enabled (bsc#1104494).
   - ext4: include the illegal physical block in the bad map ext4_error msg
   - ext4: report delalloc reserve as non-free in statfs for project quota
   - ext4: update mtime in ext4_punch_hole even if no blocks are released
   - f2fs: call unlock_new_inode() before d_instantiate() (bsc#1101837).
   - fix io_destroy()/aio_complete() race (bsc#1101852).
   - Force log to disk before reading the AGF during a fstrim (bsc#1101893).
   - fs: allow per-device dax status checking for filesystems (bsc#1103917).
   - fscache: Allow cancelled operations to be enqueued (bsc#1099858).
   - fscache: Fix hanging wait on page discarded by writeback (bsc#1101885).
   - fscache: Fix reference overput in fscache_attach_object() error handling
   - fs: clear writeback errors in inode_init_always (bsc#1101882).
   - fs: do not scan the inode cache before SB_BORN is set (bsc#1101883).
   - geneve: update skb dst pmtu on tx path (bsc#1051510).
   - genirq: Check __free_irq() return value for NULL (bsc#1103517).
   - genirq: Fix editing error in a comment (bsc#1051510).
   - genirq: Make force irq threading setup more robust (bsc#1051510).
   - gtp: Initialize 64-bit per-cpu stats correctly (bsc#1051510).
   - HID: hid-plantronics: Re-resend Update to map button for PTT products
   - HID: i2c-hid: check if device is there before really probing
   - hippi: Fix a Fix a possible sleep-in-atomic bug in rr_close
   - hns3: fix unused function warning (bsc#1104353).
   - hns3pf: do not check handle during mqprio offload (bsc#1104353 ).
   - hns3pf: fix hns3_del_tunnel_port() (bsc#1104353).
   - hns3pf: Fix some harmless copy and paste bugs (bsc#1104353 ).
   - hv_netvsc: Ensure correct teardown message sequence order ().
   - hv/netvsc: fix handling of fallback to single queue mode ().
   - hv_netvsc: Fix napi reschedule while receive completion is busy.
   - hv_netvsc: Fix net device attach on older Windows hosts ().
   - hv/netvsc: Fix NULL dereference at single queue mode fallback
   - hv_netvsc: set master device (bsc#1051979).
   - hv_netvsc: Split netvsc_revoke_buf() and netvsc_teardown_gpadl() ().
   - hv_netvsc: split sub-channel setup into async and sync ().
   - hv_netvsc: Use Windows version instead of NVSP version on GPAD teardown
   - hwmon: (asus_atk0110) Replace deprecated device register call
   - i2c: imx: Fix reinit_completion() use (bsc#1051510).
   - IB/hns: Annotate iomem pointers correctly (bsc#1104427 ).
   - IB/hns: Avoid compile test under non 64bit environments (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: Declare local functions 'static' (bsc#1104427 ).
   - IB/hns: fix boolreturn.cocci warnings (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: Fix for checkpatch.pl comment style warnings (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: fix memory leak on ah on error return path (bsc#1104427 ).
   - IB/hns: fix returnvar.cocci warnings (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: fix semicolon.cocci warnings (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: Fix the bug of polling cq failed for loopback Qps (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: Fix the bug with modifying the MAC address without removing the
     driver (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: Fix the bug with rdma operation (bsc#1104427 ).
   - IB/hns: Fix the bug with wild pointer when destroy rc qp (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: include linux/interrupt.h (bsc#1104427).
   - IB/hns: Support compile test for hns RoCE driver (bsc#1104427 ).
   - IB/hns: Use zeroing memory allocator instead of allocator/memset
   - ibmasm: do not write out of bounds in read handler (bsc#1051510).
   - ibmvnic: Remove code to request error information (bsc#1104174).
   - ibmvnic: Revise RX/TX queue error messages (bsc#1101331).
   - ibmvnic: Update firmware error reporting with cause string (bsc#1104174).
   - init: rename and re-order boot_cpu_state_init() (bsc#1104365).
   - Input: elan_i2c - add ACPI ID for lenovo ideapad 330 (bsc#1051510).
   - Input: elan_i2c - add another ACPI ID for Lenovo Ideapad 330-15AST
   - Input: i8042 - add Lenovo LaVie Z to the i8042 reset list (bsc#1051510).
   - irqchip: brcmstb-l2: Define an irq_pm_shutdown function (bsc#1051510).
   - irqchip/gic: Take lock when updating irq type (bsc#1051510).
   - irqchip/gic-v3: Change pr_debug message to pr_devel (bsc#1051510).
   - irqchip/gic-v3: Fix the driver probe() fail due to disabled GICC entry
   - irqchip/gic-v3: Ignore disabled ITS nodes (bsc#1051510).
   - irqchip/gic-v3: Use wmb() instead of smb_wmb() in gic_raise_softirq()
   - irqchip/qcom: Fix check for spurious interrupts (bsc#1051510).
   - irqchip/qcom: Fix u32 comparison with value less than zero (bsc#1051510).
   - isofs: fix potential memory leak in mount option parsing (bsc#1101887).
   - iwlwifi: add more card IDs for 9000 series (bsc#1051510).
   - iwlwifi: pcie: fix race in Rx buffer allocator (bsc#1051510).
   - jump_label: Fix concurrent static_key_enable/disable() (bsc#1089343).
   - jump_label: Provide hotplug context variants (bsc#1089343).
   - jump_label: Reorder hotplug lock and jump_label_lock (bsc#1089343).
   - kabi protect bdev_dax_supported (bsc#1103917).
   - kabi protect struct ccw_device_private (bsc#1103421).
   - KABI protect structy ata_host (git-fixes).
   - kabi/severities: Allow kABI changes for kvm/x86 (except for kvm_x86_ops)
   - kabi/severities: do not complain on hisi_sas internal changes ().
   - kabi/severities: ignore qla2xxx as all symbols are internal
   - kabi/severities: ignore x86_kvm_ops; lttng-modules would have to be
     adjusted in case they depend on this particular change
   - kbuild: add '-fno-stack-check' to kernel build options (bsc#1051510).
   - kbuild: Handle builtin dtb file names containing hyphens (bsc#1051510).
   - kbuild: pkg: use --transform option to prefix paths in tar (bsc#1051510).
   - kconfig: display recursive dependency resolution hint just once
   - kmemleak: add scheduling point to kmemleak_scan() (bsc#1051510).
   - kthread, tracing: Do not expose half-written comm when creating kthreads
   - KVM: SVM: Add pause filter threshold ().
   - KVM: SVM: Implement pause loop exit logic in SVM ().
   - KVM: VMX: Bring the common code to header file ().
   - KVM: VMX: Fix the module parameters for vmx ().
   - KVM: VMX: Remove ple_window_actual_max ().
   - libata: add refcounting to ata_host (git-fixes).
   - libata: ensure host is free'd on error exit paths (git-fixes).
   - libnvdimm, dimm: fix dpa reservation vs uninitialized label area
   - linvdimm, pmem: Preserve read-only setting for pmem devices (git-fixes).
   - MAINTAINERS: review Renesas DT bindings as well (bsc#1051510).
   - media: media-device: fix ioctl function types (bsc#1051510).
   - media: omap3isp: fix unbalanced dma_iommu_mapping (bsc#1051510).
   - media: rcar_jpu: Add missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in
     jpu_open() (bsc#1051510).
   - media: rc: oops in ir_timer_keyup after device unplug (bsc#1090888).
   - media: saa7164: Fix driver name in debug output (bsc#1051510).
   - media: si470x: fix __be16 annotations (bsc#1051510).
   - media: siano: get rid of __le32/__le16 cast warnings (bsc#1051510).
   - media: tw686x: Fix incorrect vb2_mem_ops GFP flags (bsc#1051510).
   - media: videobuf2-core: do not call memop 'finish' when queueing
   - mfd: cros_ec: Fail early if we cannot identify the EC (bsc#1051510).
   - mfd: fsl-imx25: Clean up irq settings during removal (bsc#1051510).
   - mfd: mxs-lradc: Fix error handling in mxs_lradc_probe() (bsc#1051510).
   - misc: pci_endpoint_test: Avoid triggering a BUG() (bsc#1051510).
   - mmc: dw_mmc: update actual clock for mmc debugfs (bsc#1051510).
   - mmc: pwrseq: Use kmalloc_array instead of stack VLA (bsc#1051510).
   - mm: fix __gup_device_huge vs unmap (bsc#1101839).
   - mm/kmemleak.c: make cond_resched() rate-limiting more efficient
   - mwifiex: correct histogram data with appropriate index (bsc#1051510).
   - mwifiex: handle race during mwifiex_usb_disconnect (bsc#1051510).
   - net: hns3: Add a check for client instance init state (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add a mask initialization for mac_vlan table (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add *Asserting Reset* mailbox message and handling in VF
   - net: hns3: add Asym Pause support to phy default features (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add dcb netlink interface for the support of DCB feature
   - net: hns3: Add DCB support when interacting with network stack
   - net: hns3: Add ethtool interface for vlan filter (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add ethtool_ops.get_channels support for VF (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add ethtool_ops.get_coalesce support to PF (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add ethtool_ops.set_coalesce support to PF (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add ethtool -p support for fiber port (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add ethtool related offload command (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add Ethtool support to HNS3 driver (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add existence checking before adding unicast mac address
   - net: hns3: add existence check when remove old uc mac address
   - net: hns3: add feature check when feature changed (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add get_link support to VF (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add get/set_coalesce support to VF (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add handling vlan tag offload in bd (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add hclge_dcb module for the support of DCB feature
   - net: hns3: Add HNS3 Acceleration Engine and Compatibility Layer Support
   - net: hns3: Add HNS3 driver to kernel build framework and MAINTAINERS
   - net: hns3: Add hns3_get_handle macro in hns3 driver (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add HNS3 IMP(Integrated Mgmt Proc) Cmd Interface Support
   - net: hns3: Add HNS3 VF driver to kernel build framework (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add HNS3 VF HCL(Hardware Compatibility Layer) Support
   - net: hns3: Add HNS3 VF IMP(Integrated Management Proc) cmd interface
   - net: hns3: add int_gl_idx setup for TX and RX queues (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add int_gl_idx setup for VF (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add mac loopback selftest support in hns3 driver
   - net: hns3: Add mailbox interrupt handling to PF driver (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add mailbox support to PF driver (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add mailbox support to VF driver (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add manager table initialization for hardware (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add MDIO support to HNS3 Ethernet driver for hip08 SoC
   - net: hns3: Add missing break in misc_irq_handle (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add more packet size statisctics (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add MTU initialization for hardware (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add net status led support for fiber port (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add nic_client check when initialize roce base information
   - net: hns3: add querying speed and duplex support to VF (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add repeat address checking for setting mac address
   - net: hns3: Add reset interface implementation in client (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add reset process in hclge_main (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add reset service task for handling reset requests
   - net: hns3: add result checking for VF when modify unicast mac address
   - net: hns3: Add some interface for the support of DCB feature
   - net: hns3: Adds support for led locate command for copper port
   - net: hns3: Add STRP_TAGP field support for hardware revision 0x21
   - net: hns3: Add support for dynamically buffer reallocation (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add support for ETHTOOL_GRXFH (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add support for get_regs (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add support for IFF_ALLMULTI flag (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add support for misc interrupt (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add support for nway_reset (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add support for PFC setting in TM module (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add support for port shaper setting in TM module
   - net: hns3: add support for querying advertised pause frame by ethtool
     ethx (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add support for querying pfc puase packets statistic
   - net: hns3: add support for set_link_ksettings (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add support for set_pauseparam (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add support for set_ringparam (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add support for set_rxnfc (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add support for tx_accept_tag2 and tx_accept_untag2 config
   - net: hns3: add support for VF driver inner interface
     hclgevf_ops.get_tqps_and_rss_info (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add support of hardware rx-vlan-offload to HNS3 VF driver
   - net: hns3: Add support of HNS3 Ethernet Driver for hip08 SoC
   - net: hns3: Add support of .sriov_configure in HNS3 driver (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add support of the HNAE3 framework (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add support of TX Scheduler and Shaper to HNS3 driver
   - net: hns3: Add support to change MTU in HNS3 hardware (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add support to enable TX/RX promisc mode for H/W rev(0x21)
   - net: hns3: add support to modify tqps number (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: add support to query tqps number (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add support to re-initialize the hclge device (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add support to request VF Reset to PF (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add support to reset the enet/ring mgmt layer (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: add support to update flow control settings after autoneg
   - net: hns3: Add tc-based TM support for sriov enabled port (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add timeout process in hns3_enet (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Add VF Reset device state and its handling (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Add VF Reset Service Task to support event handling
   - net: hns3: add vlan offload config command (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: change GL update rate (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Change PF to add ring-vect binding and resetQ to mailbox
   - net: hns3: Change return type of hnae3_register_ae_algo (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Change return type of hnae3_register_ae_dev (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Change return value in hnae3_register_client (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Changes required in PF mailbox to support VF reset
   - net: hns3: Changes to make enet watchdog timeout func common for PF/VF
   - net: hns3: Changes to support ARQ(Asynchronous Receive Queue)
   - net: hns3: change the returned tqp number by ethtool -x (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: change the time interval of int_gl calculating (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: change the unit of GL value macro (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: change TM sched mode to TC-based mode when SRIOV enabled
   - net: hns3: check for NULL function pointer in hns3_nic_set_features
   - net: hns3: Cleanup for endian issue in hns3 driver (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Cleanup for non-static function in hns3 driver (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Cleanup for ROCE capability flag in ae_dev (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Cleanup for shifting true in hns3 driver (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Cleanup for struct that used to send cmd to firmware
   - net: hns3: Cleanup indentation for Kconfig in the the hisilicon folder
   - net: hns3: cleanup mac auto-negotiation state query (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: cleanup mac auto-negotiation state query in
     hclge_update_speed_duplex (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: cleanup of return values in hclge_init_client_instance()
   - net: hns3: Clear TX/RX rings when stopping port and un-initializing
     client (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Consistently using GENMASK in hns3 driver (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: converting spaces into tabs to avoid checkpatch.pl warning
   - net: hns3: Disable VFs change rxvlan offload status (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Disable vf vlan filter when vf vlan table is full
   - net: hns3: ensure media_type is unitialized (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: export pci table of hclge and hclgevf to userspace
   - net: hns3: fix a bug about hns3_clean_tx_ring (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix a bug for phy supported feature initialization
   - net: hns3: fix a bug in hclge_uninit_client_instance (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix a bug in hns3_driv_to_eth_caps (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix a bug when alloc new buffer (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix a bug when getting phy address from NCL_config file
   - net: hns3: fix a dead loop in hclge_cmd_csq_clean (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix a handful of spelling mistakes (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix a loop index error of tqp statistics query (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix a misuse to devm_free_irq (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix an error handling path in 'hclge_rss_init_hw()'
   - net: hns3: Fix an error macro definition of HNS3_TQP_STAT (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix an error of total drop packet statistics (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix a response data read error of tqp statistics query
   - net: hns3: fix endian issue when PF get mbx message flag (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix error type definition of return value (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fixes API to fetch ethernet header length with kernel default
   - net: hns3: Fixes error reported by Kbuild and internal review
   - net: hns3: Fixes initalization of RoCE handle and makes it conditional
   - net: hns3: Fixes initialization of phy address from firmware
   - net: hns3: Fixes kernel panic issue during rmmod hns3 driver
   - net: hns3: Fixes ring-to-vector map-and-unmap command (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fixes the back pressure setting when sriov is enabled
   - net: hns3: Fixes the command used to unmap ring from vector
   - net: hns3: Fixes the default VLAN-id of PF (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fixes the error legs in hclge_init_ae_dev function
   - net: hns3: Fixes the ether address copy with appropriate API
   - net: hns3: Fixes the initialization of MAC address in hardware
   - net: hns3: Fixes the init of the VALID BD info in the descriptor
   - net: hns3: Fixes the missing PCI iounmap for various legs (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fixes the missing u64_stats_fetch_begin_irq in 64-bit stats
     fetch (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fixes the out of bounds access in hclge_map_tqp (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fixes the premature exit of loop when matching clients
   - net: hns3: fixes the ring index in hns3_fini_ring (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fixes the state to indicate client-type initialization
   - net: hns3: Fixes the static checker error warning in
     hns3_get_link_ksettings() (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fixes the static check warning due to missing unsupp L3 proto
     check (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fixes the wrong IS_ERR check on the returned phydev value
   - net: hns3: fix for buffer overflow smatch warning (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix for changing MTU (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for cleaning ring problem (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix for CMDQ and Misc. interrupt init order problem
   - net: hns3: fix for coal configuation lost when setting the channel
   - net: hns3: fix for coalesce configuration lost during reset
   - net: hns3: Fix for deadlock problem occurring when unregistering ae_algo
   - net: hns3: Fix for DEFAULT_DV when dev does not support DCB
   - net: hns3: Fix for fiber link up problem (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix for getting advertised_caps in hns3_get_link_ksettings
   - net: hns3: fix for getting autoneg in hns3_get_link_ksettings
   - net: hns3: fix for getting auto-negotiation state in hclge_get_autoneg
   - net: hns3: fix for getting wrong link mode problem (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix for hclge_reset running repeatly problem (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix for hns3 module is loaded multiple times problem
   - net: hns3: fix for ipv6 address loss problem after setting channels
   - net: hns3: fix for loopback failure when vlan filter is enable
   - net: hns3: fix for netdev not running problem after calling net_stop and
     net_open (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix for netdev not running problem after calling net_stop and
     net_open (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for not initializing VF rss_hash_key problem
   - net: hns3: fix for not returning problem in get_link_ksettings when phy
     exists (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for not setting pause parameters (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix for not setting rx private buffer size to zero
   - net: hns3: Fix for packet loss due wrong filter config in VLAN tbls
   - net: hns3: fix for pause configuration lost during reset (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix for PF mailbox receving unknown message (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for phy_addr error in hclge_mac_mdio_config (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix for phy not link up problem after resetting (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix for pri to tc mapping in TM (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix for returning wrong value problem in
     hns3_get_rss_indir_size (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for returning wrong value problem in
     hns3_get_rss_key_size (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for RSS configuration loss problem during reset
   - net: hns3: Fix for rx priv buf allocation when DCB is not supported
   - net: hns3: Fix for rx_priv_buf_alloc not setting rx shared buffer
   - net: hns3: Fix for service_task not running problem after resetting
   - net: hns3: Fix for setting mac address when resetting (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for setting MTU (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix for setting rss_size incorrectly (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix for the null pointer problem occurring when initializing
     ae_dev failed (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for the wrong shift problem in hns3_set_txbd_baseinfo
   - net: hns3: fix for updating fc_mode_last_time (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix for use-after-free when setting ring parameter
   - net: hns3: Fix for VF mailbox cannot receiving PF response (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix for VF mailbox receiving unknown message (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix for vlan table lost problem when resetting (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix for vxlan tx checksum bug (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix initialization when cmd is not supported (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix length overflow when CONFIG_ARM64_64K_PAGES (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix null pointer dereference before null check (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix return value error of hclge_get_mac_vlan_cmd_status()
   - net: hns3: fix rx path skb->truesize reporting bug (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix setting mac address error (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Fix spelling errors (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix spelling mistake: "capabilty" -> "capability"
   - net: hns3: fix the bug of hns3_set_txbd_baseinfo (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix the bug when map buffer fail (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix the bug when reuse command description in
     hclge_add_mac_vlan_tbl (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix the missing client list node initialization (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: fix the ops check in hns3_get_rxnfc (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix the queue id for tqp enable and reset (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix the ring count for ETHTOOL_GRXRINGS (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix the TX/RX ring.queue_index in hns3_ring_get_cfg
   - net: hns3: fix the VF queue reset flow error (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: fix to correctly fetch l4 protocol outer header (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Fix to support autoneg only for port attached with phy
   - net: hns3: Fix typo error for feild in hclge_tm (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: free the ring_data structrue when change tqps (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: get rss_size_max from configuration but not hardcode
   - net: hns3: get vf count by pci_sriov_get_totalvfs (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: hclge_inform_reset_assert_to_vf() can be static (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: hns3:fix a bug about statistic counter in reset process
   - net: hns3: hns3_get_channels() can be static (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Increase the default depth of bucket for TM shaper
   - net: hns3: increase the max time for IMP handle command (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: make local functions static (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Mask the packet statistics query when NIC is down
   - net: hns3: Modify the update period of packet statistics (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: never send command queue message to IMP when reset
   - net: hns3: Optimize PF CMDQ interrupt switching process (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Optimize the PF's process of updating multicast MAC
   - net: hns3: Optimize the VF's process of updating multicast MAC
   - net: hns3: reallocate tx/rx buffer after changing mtu (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: refactor GL update function (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: refactor interrupt coalescing init function (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Refactor mac_init function (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Refactor of the reset interrupt handling logic (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Refactors the requested reset and pending reset handling code
   - net: hns3: refactor the coalesce related struct (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: refactor the get/put_vector function (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: refactor the hclge_get/set_rss function (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: refactor the hclge_get/set_rss_tuple function (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Refactor the initialization of command queue (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: refactor the loopback related function (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Refactor the mapping of tqp to vport (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Refactor the skb receiving and transmitting function
   - net: hns3: remove a couple of redundant assignments (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: remove add/del_tunnel_udp in hns3_enet module (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Remove a useless member of struct hns3_stats (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Remove error log when getting pfc stats fails (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Remove packet statistics in the range of 8192~12287
   - net: hns3: remove redundant memset when alloc buffer (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: remove redundant semicolon (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Remove repeat statistic of rx_errors (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Removes unnecessary check when clearing TX/RX rings
   - net: hns3: remove TSO config command from VF driver (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: remove unnecessary pci_set_drvdata() and devm_kfree()
   - net: hns3: remove unused GL setup function (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: remove unused hclgevf_cfg_func_mta_filter (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Remove unused led control code (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: report the function type the same line with
     hns3_nic_get_stats64 (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: set the cmdq out_vld bit to 0 after used (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: set the max ring num when alloc netdev (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Setting for fc_mode and dcb enable flag in TM module
   - net: hns3: Support for dynamically assigning tx buffer to TC
   - net: hns3: Unified HNS3 {VF|PF} Ethernet Driver for hip08 SoC
   - net: hns3: unify the pause params setup function (bsc#1104353 ).
   - net: hns3: Unify the strings display of packet statistics (bsc#1104353).
   - net: hns3: Updates MSI/MSI-X alloc/free APIs(depricated) to new APIs
   - net: hns3: Updates RX packet info fetch in case of multi BD
   - net: hns3: Use enums instead of magic number in hclge_is_special_opcode
   - net: hns3: VF should get the real rss_size instead of rss_size_max
   - net: lan78xx: Fix race in tx pending skb size calculation (bsc#1100132).
   - net: lan78xx: fix rx handling before first packet is send (bsc#1100132).
   - net: qmi_wwan: add BroadMobi BM806U 2020:2033 (bsc#1087092).
   - net: qmi_wwan: Add Netgear Aircard 779S (bsc#1090888).
   - net-usb: add qmi_wwan if on lte modem wistron neweb d18q1 (bsc#1087092).
   - net: usb: asix: replace mii_nway_restart in resume path (bsc#1100132).
   - nohz: Fix local_timer_softirq_pending() (bsc#1051510).
   - nvme: ensure forward progress during Admin passthru (git-fixes).
   - nvme-fabrics: Ignore nr_io_queues option for discovery controllers
   - nvme: fixup crash on failed discovery (bsc#1103920).
   - nvme.h: fixup ANA group descriptor format (bsc#1104111).
   - nvme: use hw qid in trace events (bsc#1102633).
   - orangefs: report attributes_mask and attributes for statx (bsc#1101832).
   - orangefs: set i_size on new symlink (bsc#1101845).
   - overflow.h: Add allocation size calculation helpers (bsc#1101116,).
   - PCI: pciehp: Assume NoCompl+ for Thunderbolt ports (bsc#1051510).
   - PCI: pciehp: Request control of native hotplug only if supported
   - PCI: Prevent sysfs disable of device while driver is attached
   - pinctrl: at91-pio4: add missing of_node_put (bsc#1051510).
   - pinctrl: cannonlake: Fix community ordering for H variant (bsc#1051510).
   - pinctrl: core: Return selector to the pinctrl driver (bsc#1051510).
   - pinctrl: freescale: off by one in imx1_pinconf_group_dbg_show()
   - pinctrl: imx: off by one in imx_pinconf_group_dbg_show() (bsc#1051510).
   - pinctrl: intel: Add Intel Lewisburg GPIO support ().
   - pinctrl: nand: meson-gxl: fix missing data pins (bsc#1051510).
   - pinctrl: pinmux: Return selector to the pinctrl driver (bsc#1051510).
   - pinctrl: qcom: spmi-gpio: Fix pmic_gpio_config_get() to be compliant
   - pinctrl: single: Fix group and function selector use (bsc#1051510).
   - PM / devfreq: rk3399_dmc: Fix duplicated opp table on reload
   - pmem: only set QUEUE_FLAG_DAX for fsdax mode (bsc#1103917).
   - powerpc/64: Add GENERIC_CPU support for little endian ().
   - powerpc/fadump: handle crash memory ranges array index overflow
   - powerpc/fadump: merge adjacent memory ranges to reduce PT_LOAD segements
   - powerpc/pkeys: Deny read/write/execute by default (bsc#1097577).
   - powerpc/pkeys: Fix calculation of total pkeys (bsc#1097577).
   - powerpc/pkeys: Give all threads control of their key permissions
   - powerpc/pkeys: key allocation/deallocation must not change pkey
     registers (bsc#1097577).
   - powerpc/pkeys: make protection key 0 less special (bsc#1097577).
   - powerpc/pkeys: Preallocate execute-only key (bsc#1097577).
   - powerpc/pkeys: Save the pkey registers before fork (bsc#1097577).
   - qed*: Add link change count value to ethtool statistics display
   - qed: Add qed APIs for PHY module query (bsc#1086314 ).
   - qed: Add srq core support for RoCE and iWARP (bsc#1086314 ).
   - qede: Add driver callbacks for eeprom module query (bsc#1086314 ).
   - qedf: Add get_generic_tlv_data handler (bsc#1086317).
   - qedf: Add support for populating ethernet TLVs (bsc#1086317).
   - qed: fix spelling mistake "successffuly" -> "successfully" (bsc#1086314).
   - qedi: Add get_generic_tlv_data handler (bsc#1086315).
   - qedi: Add support for populating ethernet TLVs (bsc#1086315).
   - qed: Make some functions static (bsc#1086314).
   - qed: remove redundant functions qed_get_cm_pq_idx_rl (bsc#1086314).
   - qed: remove redundant functions qed_set_gft_event_id_cm_hdr
   - qed: remove redundant pointer 'name' (bsc#1086314).
   - qed: use dma_zalloc_coherent instead of allocator/memset (bsc#1086314).
   - qed*: Utilize FW (bsc#1086314).
   - RDMA/hns: Add 64KB page size support for hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add command queue support for hip08 RoCE driver (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Add CQ operations support for hip08 RoCE driver (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Add detailed comments for mb() call (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add eq support of hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Add gsi qp support for modifying qp in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Add mailbox's implementation for hip08 RoCE driver
   - RDMA/hns: Add modify CQ support for hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add names to function arguments in function pointers
   - RDMA/hns: Add profile support for hip08 driver (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add QP operations support for hip08 SoC (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add releasing resource operation in error branch (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Add rereg mr support for hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add reset process for RoCE in hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add return operation when configured global param fail
   - RDMA/hns: Add rq inline data support for hip08 RoCE (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add rq inline flags judgement (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add sq_invld_flg field in QP context (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Add support for processing send wr and receive wr
   - RDMA/hns: Add the interfaces to support multi hop addressing for the
     contexts in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Adjust the order of cleanup hem table (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Assign dest_qp when deregistering mr (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Assign the correct value for tx_cqn (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Assign zero for pkey_index of wc in hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Avoid NULL pointer exception (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Bugfix for cq record db for kernel (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Bugfix for init hem table (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Bugfix for rq record db for kernel (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Check return value of kzalloc (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Configure BT BA and BT attribute for the contexts in hip08
   - RDMA/hns: Configure fence attribute in hip08 RoCE (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Configure mac and gid and user access region for hip08 RoCE
     driver (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Configure sgid type for hip08 RoCE (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Configure the MTPT in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Configure TRRL field in hip08 RoCE device (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Create gsi qp in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Delete the unnecessary initializing enum to zero (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Do not unregister a callback we didn't register (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Drop local zgid in favor of core defined variable
   - RDMA/hns: Enable inner_pa_vld filed of mpt (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Enable the cqe field of sqwqe of RC (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: ensure for-loop actually iterates and free's buffers
   - RDMA/hns: Fill sq wqe context of ud type in hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Filter for zero length of sge in hip08 kernel mode
   - RDMA/hns: Fix a bug with modifying mac address (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix a couple misspellings (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix calltrace for sleeping in atomic (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix cqn type and init resp (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix cq record doorbell enable in kernel (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix endian problems around imm_data and rkey (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix inconsistent warning (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix init resp when alloc ucontext (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix misplaced call to hns_roce_cleanup_hem_table (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix QP state judgement before receiving work requests
   - RDMA/hns: Fix QP state judgement before sending work requests
   - RDMA/hns: fix spelling mistake: "Reseved" -> "Reserved" (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix the bug with NULL pointer (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix the bug with rq sge (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix the endian problem for hns (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix the illegal memory operation when cross page (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Fix the issue of IOVA not page continuous in hip08
   - RDMA/hns: Fix the qp context state diagram (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Generate gid type of RoCEv2 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Get rid of page operation after dma_alloc_coherent
   - RDMA/hns: Get rid of virt_to_page and vmap calls after
     dma_alloc_coherent (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Implement the disassociate_ucontext API (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Increase checking CMQ status timeout value (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Initialize the PCI device for hip08 RoCE (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Intercept illegal RDMA operation when use inline data
   - RDMA/hns: Load the RoCE dirver automatically (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: make various function static, fixes warnings (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Modify assignment device variable to support both PCI device
     and platform device (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Modify the usage of cmd_sn in hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Modify the value with rd dest_rd of qp_attr (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Modify uar allocation algorithm to avoid bitmap exhaust
   - RDMA/hns: Move priv in order to add multiple hns_roce support
   - RDMA/hns: Move the location for initializing tmp_len (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Not support qp transition from reset to reset for hip06
   - RDMA/hns: Only assign dest_qp if IB_QP_DEST_QPN bit is set (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Only assign dqpn if IB_QP_PATH_DEST_QPN bit is set
   - RDMA/hns: Only assign mtu if IB_QP_PATH_MTU bit is set (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Refactor code for readability (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Refactor eq code for hip06 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: remove redundant assignment to variable j (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Remove some unnecessary attr_mask judgement (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Remove unnecessary operator (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Remove unnecessary platform_get_resource() error check
   - RDMA/hns: Rename the idx field of db (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Replace condition statement using hardware version information
   - RDMA/hns: Replace __raw_write*(cpu_to_le*()) with LE write*()
   - RDMA/hns: return 0 rather than return a garbage status value
   - RDMA/hns_roce: Do not check return value of zap_vma_ptes() (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Set access flags of hip08 RoCE (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Set desc_dma_addr for zero when free cmq desc (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Set NULL for __internal_mr (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Set rdma_ah_attr type for querying qp (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Set se attribute of sqwqe in hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Set sq_cur_sge_blk_addr field in QPC in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Set the guid for hip08 RoCE device (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Set the owner field of SQWQE in hip08 RoCE (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Split CQE from MTT in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Split hw v1 driver from hns roce driver (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Submit bad wr (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Support cq record doorbell for kernel space (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Support cq record doorbell for the user space (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Support multi hop addressing for PBL in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Support rq record doorbell for kernel space (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Support rq record doorbell for the user space (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Support WQE/CQE/PBL page size configurable feature in hip08
   - RDMA/hns: Unify the calculation for hem index in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Update assignment method for owner field of send wqe
   - RDMA/hns: Update calculation of irrl_ba field for hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Update convert function of endian format (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Update the interfaces for MTT/CQE multi hop addressing in
     hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Update the IRRL table chunk size in hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Update the PD CQE MTT specification in hip08 (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Update the usage of ack timeout in hip08 (bsc#1104427 ).
   - RDMA/hns: Update the usage of sr_max and rr_max field (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Update the verbs of polling for completion (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Use free_pages function instead of free_page (bsc#1104427).
   - RDMA/hns: Use structs to describe the uABI instead of opencoding
   - RDMA/qedr: Fix NULL pointer dereference when running over iWARP without
     RDMA-CM (bsc#1086314).
   - RDMA/qedr: fix spelling mistake: "adrresses" -> "addresses"
   - RDMA/qedr: fix spelling mistake: "failes" -> "fails" (bsc#1086314).
   - regulator: pfuze100: add .is_enable() for pfuze100_swb_regulator_ops
   - reiserfs: fix buffer overflow with long warning messages (bsc#1101847).
   - Revert "drm/nouveau/drm/therm/fan: add a fallback if no fan control is
     specified in the vbios" (bsc#1103356).
   - rtc: ensure rtc_set_alarm fails when alarms are not supported
   - s390/cio: clear timer when terminating driver I/O (bsc#1103421).
   - s390/cio: fix return code after missing interrupt (bsc#1103421).
   - s390/dasd: configurable IFCC handling (bsc#1097808).
   - s390/dasd: fix handling of internal requests (bsc#1103421).
   - s390/dasd: fix wrongly assigned configuration data (bsc#1103421).
   - s390/dasd: prevent prefix I/O error (bsc#1103421).
   - s390/eadm: fix CONFIG_BLOCK include dependency (bsc#1103421).
   - s390/ipl: ensure loadparm valid flag is set (bsc#1103421).
   - s390/pci: do not require AIS facility (bsc#1103421).
   - s390/qdio: do not release memory in qdio_setup_irq() (bsc#1103421).
   - sc16is7xx: Check for an error when the clock is enabled (bsc#1051510).
   - sched/debug: Reverse the order of printing faults (bnc#1101669 optimise
     numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Consider RT/IRQ pressure in capacity_spare_wake()
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Fix find_idlest_group() when local group is not allowed
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Fix usage of find_idlest_group() when no groups are allowed
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Fix usage of find_idlest_group() when the local group is
     idlest (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Move select_task_rq_fair() slow-path into its own function
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Remove impossible condition from find_idlest_group_cpu()
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Remove unnecessary comparison with -1 (bnc#1101669 optimise
     numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Spare idle load balancing on nohz_full CPUs (bnc#1101669
     optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/fair: Use 'unsigned long' for utilization, consistently
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Evaluate move once per node (bnc#1101669 optimise numa
     balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Modify migrate_swap() to accept additional parameters
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Move task_numa_placement() closer to
     numa_migrate_preferred() (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast
   - sched/numa: Remove redundant field (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing
     for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Remove redundant field -kabi (bnc#1101669 optimise numa
     balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Remove unused task_capacity from 'struct numa_stats'
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Set preferred_node based on best_cpu (bnc#1101669 optimise
     numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Simplify load_too_imbalanced() (bnc#1101669 optimise numa
     balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Skip nodes that are at 'hoplimit' (bnc#1101669 optimise numa
     balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Update the scan period without holding the numa_group lock
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Use group_weights to identify if migration degrades locality
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/numa: Use task faults only if numa_group is not yet set up
     (bnc#1101669 optimise numa balancing for fast migrate).
   - sched/smt: Update sched_smt_present at runtime (bsc#1089343).
   - scsi: ata: enhance the definition of SET MAX feature field value ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add an mechanism to do reset work synchronously ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add check of device in hisi_sas_task_exec() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add internal abort dev in some places ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Add LED feature for v3 hw ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add RAS feature for v3 hw ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add readl poll timeout helper wrappers ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Add some checks to avoid free'ing a sas_task twice ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add some print to enhance debugging ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Add v2 hw force PHY function for internal ATA command ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add v2 hw port AXI error handling support ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add v3 hw MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: add v3 hw suspend and resume ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: allocate slot buffer earlier ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Change common allocation mode of device id ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Change frame type for SET MAX commands ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: change ncq process for v3 hw ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: change slot index allocation mode ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: check host frozen before calling "done" function ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: check IPTT is valid before using it for v3 hw ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: check sas_dev gone earlier in hisi_sas_abort_task() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Code cleanup and minor bug fixes ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: config ATA de-reset as an constrained command for v3 hw
   - scsi: hisi_sas: consolidate command check in hisi_sas_get_ata_protocol()
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Create a scsi_host_template per HW module ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: delete timer when removing hisi_sas driver ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: do link reset for some CHL_INT2 ints ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Do not lock DQ for complete task sending ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: dt-bindings: add an property of signal attenuation ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: fix a bug in hisi_sas_dev_gone() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: fix a typo in hisi_sas_task_prep() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: fix dma_unmap_sg() parameter ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: fix PI memory size ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: fix return value of hisi_sas_task_prep() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Fix return value when get_free_slot() failed ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: fix SAS_QUEUE_FULL problem while running IO ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: fix the issue of link rate inconsistency ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: fix the issue of setting linkrate register ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: improve int_chnl_int_v2_hw() consistency with v3 hw ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Include TMF elements in struct hisi_sas_slot ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: increase timer expire of internal abort task ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Init disks after controller reset ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: initialize dq spinlock before use ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Introduce hisi_sas_phy_set_linkrate() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: judge result of internal abort ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: make local symbol host_attrs static ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: make return type of prep functions void ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: make SAS address of SATA disks unique ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Mark PHY as in reset for nexus reset ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: modify hisi_sas_dev_gone() for reset ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: modify some register config for hip08 ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: optimise port id refresh function ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: optimise the usage of DQ locking ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: print device id for errors ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: re-add the lldd_port_deformed() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: relocate clearing ITCT and freeing device ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: relocate smp sg map ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Remove depends on HAS_DMA in case of platform dependency
   - scsi: hisi_sas: remove redundant handling to event95 for v3 ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: remove some unneeded structure members ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: remove unused variable hisi_sas_devices.running_req ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Reset disks when discovered ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: some optimizations of host controller reset ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: stop controller timer for reset ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: support the property of signal attenuation for v2 hw ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Terminate STP reject quickly for v2 hw ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Try wait commands before before controller reset ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: update PHY linkrate after a controller reset ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: update RAS feature for later revision of v3 HW ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: use an general way to delay PHY work ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: Use device lock to protect slot alloc/free ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: use dma_zalloc_coherent() ().
   - scsi: hisi_sas: workaround a v3 hw hilink bug ().
   - scsi: libsas: defer ata device eh commands to libata ().
   - scsi: lpfc: Add Buffer overflow check, when nvme_info larger than
     PAGE_SIZE (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Correct LCB ACCept payload (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: devloss timeout race condition caused null pointer reference
   - scsi: lpfc: Fix abort error path for NVMET (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Fix driver crash when re-registering NVME rports
   - scsi: lpfc: Fix driver not setting dpp bits correctly in doorbell word
   - scsi: lpfc: Fix ELS abort on SLI-3 adapters (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Fix list corruption on the completion queue (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Fix NVME Target crash in defer rcv logic (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Fix panic if driver unloaded when port is offline
   - scsi: lpfc: Fix sysfs Speed value on CNA ports (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Limit tracking of tgt queue depth in fast path (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Make PBDE optimizations configurable (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Remove lpfc_enable_pbde as module parameter (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Revise copyright for new company language (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: Support duration field in Link Cable Beacon V1 command
   - scsi: lpfc: update driver version to (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: lpfc: update driver version to (bsc#1102658).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Add an I/O barrier (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Added support for SAS Device Discovery Error Event
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Add PCI device ID for Andromeda (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Allow processing of events during driver unload
   - scsi: mpt3sas: As per MPI-spec, use combined reply queue for SAS3.5
     controllers when HBA supports more than 16 MSI-x vectors (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Bug fix for big endian systems (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Cache enclosure pages during enclosure add (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: clarify mmio pointer types (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Configure reply post queue depth, DMA and sgl tablesize
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Do not abort I/Os issued to NVMe drives while processing
     Async Broadcast primitive event (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Do not access the structure after decrementing it's
     instance reference count (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Do not mark fw_event workqueue as WQ_MEM_RECLAIM
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Enhanced handling of Sense Buffer (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix, False timeout prints for ioctl and other internal
     commands during controller reset (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: fix possible memory leak (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: fix spelling mistake: "disbale" -> "disable"
   - scsi: mpt3sas: For NVME device, issue a protocol level reset
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Incorrect command status was set/marked as not used
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Increase event log buffer to support 24 port HBA's
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Introduce API to get BAR0 mapped buffer address
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Introduce Base function for cloning (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Introduce function to clone mpi reply (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Introduce function to clone mpi request (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Lockless access for chain buffers (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Optimize I/O memory consumption in driver (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Pre-allocate RDPQ Array at driver boot time
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Replace PCI pool old API (bsc#1081917).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Report Firmware Package Version from HBA Driver
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Update driver version "" (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Update driver version "" (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: mpt3sas: Update MPI Headers (bsc#1086906,).
   - scsi: qedf: Add additional checks when restarting an rport due to ABTS
     timeout (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Add check for offload before flushing I/Os for target
   - scsi: qedf: Add dcbx_not_wait module parameter so we won't wait for DCBX
     convergence to start discovery (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Add missing skb frees in error path (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Add more defensive checks for concurrent error conditions
   - scsi: qedf: Add task id to kref_get_unless_zero() debug messages when
     flushing requests (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Check if link is already up when receiving a link up event
     from qed (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: fix LTO-enabled build (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Fix VLAN display when printing sent FIP frames (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Honor default_prio module parameter even if DCBX does not
     converge (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Honor priority from DCBX FCoE App tag (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: If qed fails to enable MSI-X fail PCI probe (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Improve firmware debug dump handling (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Increase the number of default FIP VLAN request retries to
     60 (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Release RRQ reference correctly when RRQ command times out
   - scsi: qedf: remove redundant initialization of 'fcport' (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Remove setting DCBX pending during soft context reset
   - scsi: qedf: Return request as DID_NO_CONNECT if MSI-X is not enabled
   - scsi: qedf: Sanity check FCoE/FIP priority value to make sure it's
     between 0 and 7 (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Send the driver state to MFW (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Set the UNLOADING flag when removing a vport (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Synchronize rport restarts when multiple ELS commands time
     out (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Update copyright for 2018 (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: Update version number to (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedf: use correct strncpy() size (bsc#1086317).
   - scsi: qedi: fix building with LTO (bsc#1086315).
   - scsi: qedi: fix build regression (bsc#1086315).
   - scsi: qedi: Fix kernel crash during port toggle (bsc#1086315).
   - scsi: qedi: Send driver state to MFW (bsc#1086315).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Avoid double completion of abort command (git-fixes).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: correctly shift host byte (bsc#1086327,).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Correct setting of SAM_STAT_CHECK_CONDITION
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash on qla2x00_mailbox_command (bsc#1086327,).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix driver unload by shutting down chip (git-fixes).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix Inquiry command being dropped in Target mode
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NPIV deletion by calling wait_for_sess_deletion
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NULL pointer dereference for fcport search
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix race condition between iocb timeout and
     initialisation (bsc#1086327,).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix Rport and session state getting out of sync
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix sending ADISC command for login (bsc#1086327,).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix setting lower transfer speed if GPSC fails
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix TMF and Multi-Queue config (bsc#1086327,).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix unintialized List head crash (git-fixes).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Move GPSC and GFPNID out of session management
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Prevent relogin loop by removing stale code
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce redundant ADISC command for RSCNs (bsc#1086327,).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: remove irq save in qla2x00_poll() (bsc#1086327,).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove stale debug value for login_retry flag
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Return error when TMF returns (git-fixes).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Update driver version to (bsc#1086327,).
   - scsi: qla2xxx: Use predefined get_datalen_for_atio() inline function
   - scsi: qla4xxx: Move an array from a .h into a .c file (bsc#1086331).
   - scsi: qla4xxx: Remove unused symbols (bsc#1086331).
   - scsi: qla4xxx: skip error recovery in case of register disconnect
   - scsi: qla4xxx: Use dma_pool_zalloc() (bsc#1086331).
   - scsi: qla4xxx: Use zeroing allocator rather than allocator/memset
   - scsi: smartpqi: add in new supported controllers (bsc#1086274).
   - scsi: smartpqi: add inspur advantech ids (bsc#1086274).
   - scsi: smartpqi: bump driver version to 1.1.4-130 (bsc#1086274).
   - scsi: smartpqi: fix critical ARM issue reading PQI index registers
   - scsi: smartpqi: improve error checking for sync requests (bsc#1086274).
   - scsi: smartpqi: improve handling for sync requests (bsc#1086274).
   - scsi: smartpqi: update driver version (bsc#1086274).
   - scsi: smartpqi: workaround fw bug for oq deletion (bsc#1086274).
   - sctp: fix the issue that pathmtu may be set lower than MINSEGMENT
   - sctp: introduce sctp_dst_mtu (git-fixes).
   - selftests/powerpc: Fix core-pkey for default execute permission change
   - selftests/powerpc: Fix ptrace-pkey for default execute permission change
   - series.conf: Sort automatic NUMA balancing related patch
   - soc: bcm2835: Make !RASPBERRYPI_FIRMWARE dummies return failure
   - soc: bcm: raspberrypi-power: Fix use of __packed (bsc#1051510).
   - soc: imx: gpc: de-register power domains only if initialized
   - soc: imx: gpc: restrict register range for regmap access (bsc#1051510).
   - soc: imx: gpcv2: correct PGC offset (bsc#1051510).
   - soc: imx: gpcv2: Do not pass static memory as platform data
   - soc: imx: gpcv2: fix regulator deferred probe (bsc#1051510).
   - soc: mediatek: pwrap: fix compiler errors (bsc#1051510).
   - soc: qcom: wcnss_ctrl: Fix increment in NV upload (bsc#1051510).
   - soc: rockchip: power-domain: Fix wrong value when power up pd with
     writemask (bsc#1051510).
   - soc/tegra: Fix bad of_node_put() in powergate init (bsc#1051510).
   - soc/tegra: flowctrl: Fix error handling (bsc#1051510).
   - soc: ti: ti_sci_pm_domains: Populate name for genpd (bsc#1051510).
   - soc: zte: Restrict SOC_ZTE to ARCH_ZX or COMPILE_TEST (bsc#1051510).
   - spi: bcm2835aux: ensure interrupts are enabled for shared handler
   - spi/bcm63xx-hspi: Enable the clock before calling clk_get_rate()
   - spi: bcm-qspi: Always read and set BSPI_MAST_N_BOOT_CTRL (bsc#1051510).
   - spi: bcm-qspi: Avoid setting MSPI_CDRAM_PCS for spi-nor master
   - spi: cadence: Add usleep_range() for cdns_spi_fill_tx_fifo()
   - spi: pxa2xx: Allow 64-bit DMA (bsc#1051510).
   - spi: pxa2xx: check clk_prepare_enable() return value (bsc#1051510).
   - spi: spi-fsl-dspi: Fix imprecise abort on VF500 during probe
   - sr: pass down correctly sized SCSI sense buffer (git-fixes).
   - staging: ks7010: Use constants from ieee80211_eid instead of literal
     ints (bsc#1051510).
   - staging: speakup: fix wraparound in uaccess length check (bsc#1051510).
   - supported.conf: add drivers/md/dm-writecache
   - supported.conf: added hns3 modules
   - supported.conf: added hns-roce-hw-v1 and hns-roce-hw-v2
   - supported.conf: Enable HiSi v3 SAS adapter ()
   - sysrq : fix Show Regs call trace on ARM (bsc#1051510).
   - TCM_RBD depends on BLK_DEV_RBD ().
   - thermal: exynos: fix setting rising_threshold for Exynos5433
   - tty: Fix data race in tty_insert_flip_string_fixed_flag (bsc#1051510).
   - typec: tcpm: Fix a msecs vs jiffies bug (bsc#1100132).
   - typec: tcpm: fusb302: Resolve out of order messaging events
   - udf: Detect incorrect directory size (bsc#1101891).
   - udf: Provide saner default for invalid uid / gid (bsc#1101890).
   - Update
     (bsc#1077761, git-fixes, bsc#1103948, bsc#1103949).
   - usb: hub: Do not wait for connect state at resume for powered-off ports
   - usbip: usbip_detach: Fix memory, udev context and udev leak
   - vfs: add the sb_start_intwrite_trylock() helper (bsc#1101841).
   - virtio_balloon: fix another race between migration and ballooning
   - wlcore: sdio: check for valid platform device data before suspend
   - x86/apic: Ignore secondary threads if nosmt=force (bsc#1089343).
   - x86/CPU/AMD: Do not check CPUID max ext level before parsing SMP info
   - x86/cpu/AMD: Evaluate smp_num_siblings early (bsc#1089343).
   - x86/CPU/AMD: Move TOPOEXT reenablement before reading smp_num_siblings
   - x86/cpu/AMD: Remove the pointless detect_ht() call (bsc#1089343).
   - x86/cpu/common: Provide detect_ht_early() (bsc#1089343).
   - x86/cpu/intel: Evaluate smp_num_siblings early (bsc#1089343).
   - x86/cpu: Remove the pointless CPU printout (bsc#1089343).
   - x86/cpu/topology: Provide detect_extended_topology_early() (bsc#1089343).
   - x86/KVM/VMX: Add module argument for L1TF mitigation.
   - x86/smp: Provide topology_is_primary_thread() (bsc#1089343).
   - x86/topology: Provide topology_smt_supported() (bsc#1089343).
   - x86: Treat R_X86_64_PLT32 as R_X86_64_PC32 (binutils_2.31).
   - x86/xen: init %gs very early to avoid page faults with stack protector
   - xen-netback: fix input validation in xenvif_set_hash_mapping()
   - xen/netfront: do not cache skb_shinfo() (bnc#1065600).
   - xfs: catch inode allocation state mismatch corruption (bsc#1104211).
   - xfs: prevent creating negative-sized file via INSERT_RANGE (bsc#1101833).
   - xhci: Fix perceived dead host due to runtime suspend race with event
     handler (bsc#1051510).

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods
   like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".

   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 15:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Public-Cloud-15-2018-1701=1

Package List:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 15 (noarch):


   - SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 15 (x86_64):





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