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                         AUSCERT Security Bulletin

        AusCERT has generated a new PGP/GPG Key to use for signing
                       and having data encrypted to
                               22 June 2011


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:    AusCERT PGP Key


        AusCERT has generated a new PGP/GPG Key to use for signing and having
        data encrypted to. This normally takes place in February, however a
        late change was necessary due to a migration of internal systems. 
        This key will come into effect as of: 22nd of June 2011 (22/6/2010)


        PGP and GPG users are required to import AusCERT's new public key into
        their keyring so that they can validate future bulletins and other
        AusCERT will no longer be using the old key:
        key id: 6E987011
        fingerprint: 7D1B 6BCA 2F51 9C0B C1A3  AE45 FE21 4EAC 6E98 7011
        AusCERT will now be using the following new key:
        key id: CCD8D1A9
        fingerprint 7FE9 4B85 1A8D A115 D867  D581 EE32 56A8 CCD8 D1A9


        The new key can be downloaded from our website [1] over SSL to secure
        the transaction.
        You can verify the contents of this file by loading the key into your
        keyring, and issuing the command:
        % gpg CCD8D1A9.asc
        This will produce the following output:
        gpg: armor header: Comment: http://www.auscert.org.au/render.html?it=1967
        pub  4096R/CCD8D1A9 2011-06-22 AusCERT (Australia's Leading CERT) <auscert@auscert.org.au>
        sig        CCD8D1A9 2011-06-22   [selfsig]
        sig        6E987011 2011-06-22   AusCERT (Australia's Leading CERT) <auscert@auscert.org.au>
        sub  4096R/6E32D74E 2011-06-22 [expires: 2013-06-21]
        sig        CCD8D1A9 2011-06-22   [keybind]
        If you require further information you can contact AusCERT via phone
        and confirm the Key ID and fingerprint.  To phone AusCERT
        call +61 7 3365 4417.


        [1] AusCERT PGP Public Key

AusCERT has made every effort to ensure that the information contained
in this document is accurate.  However, the decision to use the information
described is the responsibility of each user or organisation. The decision to
follow or act on information or advice contained in this security bulletin is
the responsibility of each user or organisation, and should be considered in
accordance with your organisation's site policies and procedures. AusCERT
takes no responsibility for consequences which may arise from following or
acting on information or advice contained in this security bulletin.

Australian Computer Emergency Response Team
The University of Queensland
Qld 4072

Internet Email: auscert@auscert.org.au
Facsimile:      (07) 3365 7031
Telephone:      (07) 3365 4417 (International: +61 7 3365 4417)
                AusCERT personnel answer during Queensland business hours 
                which are GMT+10:00 (AEST).
                On call after hours for member emergencies only.
Comment: http://www.auscert.org.au/render.html?it=1967