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                         AUSCERT Security Bulletin

                Apache HTTP Server (httpd) 2.2.16 Released
                               29 July 2010


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:              Apache HTTPD
Operating System:     Windows
                      UNIX variants (UNIX, Linux, OSX)
Impact/Access:        Read-only Data Access -- Remote/Unauthenticated
                      Denial of Service     -- Remote/Unauthenticated
Resolution:           Patch/Upgrade
CVE Names:            CVE-2010-2068 CVE-2010-1452 
Member content until: Wednesday, August 25 2010
Reference:            ESB-2010.0531

Revision History:     July 29 2010: Additional vulnerability and CVE added
                      July 26 2010: Initial Release


        Apache HTTP Server (httpd) 2.2.16 has been released fixing a number of


        The Apache Software Foundation states that the 2.2.16 release 
        resolves the following security issues:
        "important: Timeout detection flaw (mod_proxy_http) CVE-2010-2068
        An information disclosure flaw was found in mod_proxy_http in 
        versions 2.2.9 through 2.2.15, 2.3.4-alpha and 2.3.5-alpha. Under 
        certain timeout conditions, the server could return a response 
        intended for another user. Only Windows, Netware and OS2 operating 
        systems are affected. Only those configurations which trigger the 
        use of proxy worker pools are affected. There was no vulnerability 
        on earlier versions, as proxy pools were not yet introduced. The 
        simplest workaround is to globally configure;
        SetEnv proxy-nokeepalive 1" [1]
        "low: mod_cache and mod_dav DoS CVE-2010-1452
        A flaw was found in the handling of requests by mod_cache and 
        mod_dav. A malicious remote attacker could send a carefully crafted 
        request and cause a httpd child process to crash. This crash would 
        only be a denial of service if using the worker MPM. This issue is 
        further mitigated as mod_dav is only affected by requests that are 
        most likely to be authenticated, and mod_cache is only affected if 
        the uncommon "CacheIgnoreURLSessionIdentifiers" directive, introduced 
        in version 2.2.14, is used." [1]


        The Apache Software Foundation has made Apache http 2.2.16 available
        for download via it's websites and mirrors. [2]
        It is expected that vendors which package the Apache http 
        server will release updated packages shortly.


        [1] Apache httpd 2.2 vulnerabilities

        [2] Downloading the Apache HTTP Server

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