AusCERT in Korea for the 2017 APISC/TRANSITS Security Training Course 17 Aug 2017

AusCERT participated in the APISC Security Training Course [1], organised by KrCERT/CC [2], operated by the Korea Internet & Security Agency [3] in the last week of July 2017. 

AusCERT sent a team member to join three (3) other instructors to facilitate the TRANSITS I [4] material to twenty-one (21) recipients CERT/CSIRT from across the globe.
Along with the instruction of TRANSITS I material, there were also other CERT/CSIRT exercises and economy reports of CERT/CSIRT operations, that helped share experience in organising and operating CERT/CSIRT.  AusCERT is honored to have been part of the APISC Security Training Course organised by KrCERT.

[1] APISC Security Training Course - Asia Pacific Internet Security Conference Security Training Course. A yearly CERT capacity building initiative from South Korea that is run in conjunction to a yearly conference that bears the same name APISC. 

[2] KrCERT/CC - Korean Computer Emergency Response Team / Coordination Centre. KrCERT/CC, created in 2010 and operates as the National CERT for South Korea. KrCERT is managed by KISA.

[3] KISA - Korean Internet & Security Agency. KISA sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, commenced operation in 2009 and is responsible for the private sector of the Internet in South Korea.

[4] TRANSITS I. TRANSITS I course, created in 2001 is maintained by members of European CERTs with modules that deal with the Organization, Operation Legal and Technical aspect of CERT/CSIRT operation.

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