AusCERT partners


AusCERT, as an independent, not-for-profit cyber security team, works with many organisations to provide services for the benefit of our members.

Although we remain independent, we also recognise that partners help us grow, adapt and enable us to provide better services to members, either directly, or indirectly, through our partnership arrangements. All these relationships are highly valued, but many cannot be publicised.    

Our Partnership Program recognises organisations with whom we have special arrangements and who are willing to be publicly recognised.  The benefits of these partnerships vary but may include providing:

  • referrals to partners that offer complementary services for the benefit of our members
  • collaborating to provide new services of interest to members
  • access to additional resources from partners to help deal with cyber security incidents
  • data for the purposes of helping our members detect attacks on their systems, domains or brands

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of all our Partners, including those we cannot publicly acknowledge.


iDcare is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity support service.  iDcare provides expert support and care to customers and clients concerned about their personal information. iDcare’s National Case Management Centre works with individuals, as well as government and industry partners, to reduce the harm from personal information compromise, lift standards of response, and improve the overall client care experience. 

An iDcare partnership enhances customer confidence, protects organisational brands, and delivers optimal and individualised response strategies following cyber attacks.  Many forms of cyber attack have the objective of stealing personal identity information for the purposes of conducting identity theft.  While iDcare and AusCERT provide different services and have a different organisational focus, the scope of both organisations are aligned and complementary.  Through a cooperative partnership we can better help our member organisations prevent cyber attacks and reduce the harm from identity theft and misuse.

We encourage our members to consider a partnership with iDcare to ensure they have a capability that is available to deliver client care that maintains confidence in their organisation and its brand. A threat to an individual’s personal information is a threat to an individual’s confidence about an organisation.  iDcare provides expert advice and support to customers and clients about the steps they can take to mitigate any future misuse of their personal information following a compromise.