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Date: 30 September 2002

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The material on this web site is covered by copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced or distributed by any process or means, without the prior written permission of AusCERT.

AusCERT acknowledges all instances where copyright is held by, or shared with, another organisation. In such cases, each copyright owner should be contacted regarding reproduction or use of that material.

Referencing the AusCERT web site

AusCERT grants permission to link to the AusCERT site, provided that the page is displayed in a complete and unaltered form, that is, in its own window and without any framing such that it is obviously a separate web site.

Specifically, you may link in the above manner:

  • to the AusCERT home page ( using the text "AusCERT" (perserving caps)
  • to html pages of the site, excluding binary items (for example pdf, graphics and other documents).
AusCERT requests that an email be sent to AusCERT when links are made to the AusCERT site, detailing the linking organisation, linking URL and linked URL (the URL on the AusCERT site).