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AusCERT Membership

Date: 27 November 2014
Further Information: How to become an AusCERT member

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AusCERT is a not-for-profit organisation, based at The University of Queensland, which relies on member subscriptions to cover its operating costs.

By becoming an AusCERT member, your company or organisation will have access to the full range of member services, not readily available to non-members. Plus, there are other benefits of AusCERT membership.

Why is AusCERT membership important to your company or organisation?

Despite widespread uptake of computer security technologies, Australian organisations and industry, continue to report a high occurrence of computer security attacks. This situation is expected to deteriorate as more people and businesses maximise their online operations. Clearly, to reduce the impact of this trend, we need to do more to protect ourselves.

If your company uses email, has a web site or is connected to the Internet in any way, then it risks some form of computer attack. The question is not whether you will be attacked but whether the attack succeeds in damaging your business by harming the confidentiality, integrity or availability of your systems, services and data.

No matter what security systems you have in place or how secure your existing systems might be, new threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day and provide new opportunities for your network to be attacked. What may be considered a secure network configuration today may change tomorrow if a new vulnerability is discovered in the operating systems, applications or protocols deployed on your network.

An important part of any security framework is making sure you have all the timely information you need to keep abreast of the new threats and vulnerabilities that emerge daily. Many successful computer network attacks occur because network and system administrators are either deprived of vital information which would enable them to secure their systems from known vulnerabilities, or are overwhelmed by the task of monitoring all relevant information sources on computer threats and vulnerabilities.

An annual subscription to AusCERT will ensure that you are kept up-to-date with the most pertinent and timely information on threats, vulnerabilities and risks to Australian networks and receive practical advice on how to counter these threats. If your site is compromised, for members AusCERT is available 24 hours a day to help you respond to the attack.

As a trusted and authoritative source of computer security expertise worldwide, AusCERT has helped numerous organisations protect themselves and to respond appropriately to computer network attacks.

AusCERT Service Description

The Service Description - Membership Services outlines the AusCERT services included as part of the standard AusCERT membership.

AusCERT Policies

The AusCERT Policies - Membership Services outlines the AusCERT Policies relating to AusCERT membership services.